Jork Weismann | Asleep At The Chateau


Located on the fantastical Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, the Chateau Marmont is famed for its enticing elegance and extravagant events attended by famous directors, artists, writers, and actors. Through the later half of the 20th century, Hollywood A-listers created wild memories that shaped the hotel’s legacy. If the Chateau’s walls could talk, they’d share unbelievable stories. Led Zeppelin once rode his motorcycle through the hotel lobby.

This book reveals a more peaceful perspective of the Chateau. Austrian Photographer, Jork Weismann captures various guests from famous actors to legendary artists sleeping inside the enchanting Chateau. Asleep at the Chateau dedicates each page to the renowned building’s quieter moments, with images of icons, including Orlando Bloom, Juergen Teller and Sally Singer, dozing off in their suites. Whether curled up on chairs or sprawled out on the floor, Weismann’s subjects are portrayed in an intimate light alongside the hotel.

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